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The new release date for the Cherry Blossom Technology android robot prototype has been pushed to
6/25/2018. Cherry Blossom Technology has been launched with a website and the support of many, thank you all!
Along with the option to sponsor the prototype on the website theres the option to pre order your android robot.
There are also new products on the site such as comics.
Some of the new goals for Cherry Blossom Technology is to bring awareness of the company
and bring in more products to sell so please call, share, text, email, and tell everyone you can about
Cherry Blossom Technology!

Update: 9/1/2018
The new release date for the Cherry Blossom Android Robot Prototype has been pushed
to 12/25/2018. This is also Christmas. Lets hope Santa helps out! Don't forget to
spread the word! Tell your friends to visit WWW.CherryBlossomTechnology.COM !
Bookmark it, put it in your favorites, and share it on your favorite social media
sites. Put in some good words! Thank you very much and have a nice day! :)

Update: 9/17/2018
Cherry Blossom Technology's Android Robots will now be called The CBT Android or
The Cherry Blossom Technology Android. Models of Ninja Girl 107 can still be called Ninja Girl 107. The Cherry Blossom Technology Android is just another name to
be use for the android robots of Cherry Blossom Technology. So Ninja Girl 107 for the traditional
models and CBT Android. Male models will be made as well perhaps named
Ninja Boy 107. As with the female models you will be able to dress them in either formal
attire or ninja suits or any clothing you wish. For more information on clothing please read
the gofundme. For standard clothing for the female androids you can also check the
Sponsor/Pre Order page. And remember, the release date for Ninja Girl 107 prototype is on Christmas! :)
Note: Added Images page.
Remember to spread the word! Have a good day! Thank you! :)

Update: 10/28/2018
Hey everyone! Some images of cherry blossom trees have been uploaded
to the Images section (Link is on the main page). I hope you enjoy them!
Remember to share with your friends! Have a nice day! :)

Update: 2/2/2019
Hi everyone! I just wanted to say thanks again for all of your
purchases and donations. Santa helped out too. Thanks Santa. We still need
a sponsor for the prototype CBT Android so please buy a product or donate
to the Gofundme. Thank you all again. :) Merry Christmas :) Happy Holidays :)
Happy New Year :)

Update: 2/20/2019
Hi everyone! A character image of Kaizuki has been uploaded to the store!
Hope you like it!

Update: 2/23/2019
This post is in memory of my sensei Sean Dolan. He was a good
friend, liked his ninja equipment, and always had a smile. God bless
him, and thank you for all of the good memories. Amen.

Update: May 10th, 2019
Hello everyone! Exciting news! The programming of Ninja Girl 107
has begun in C++! Enjoy the cherry blossom trees! Have a good May!
Have a good day!

Check out these links!!! Hi Everyone!!! Cherry Blossom Technology is a company dedicated to creating android robots and other cool gadgets. On the gofundme is mentioned they will be re-creating androids models after anime characters. "We will probably re-create functional models of androids from anime resembling Solty, Cherry, Lime, Bloodberry, Mahoro, Chii, Yuzukee, Ickerus, Nymph, Astria, and other custom models." You can check it out here: Cherry Blossom Technology's Gofundme Search Ebay user bluesodax1 for listings to support Cherry Blossom Technology! Ebay (copy and paste into new tab) Cafepress store with tshirts, hats, coffee cups, and other cool stuff! Sponsor The Prototype or Pre Order Check out the store! Store Updates Well I hope you enjoy it! Share until you can't share!

Have a nice Day :)